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Asset-Based Lending

Old Hill’s private lending strategy focuses on sourcing and originating ABL transactions. We have particular expertise lending against consumer and commercial receivables, hard assets, and inventory or trade receivables. We tend to avoid assets with long repayment windows, binary outcomes, significant market dependency, or activities subject to regulatory scrutiny.

We specifically invest in transactions with the following characteristics:

  • Less than $25 million, although we are opportunistic and may engage in larger endeavors
  • Maturity within 1-4 years
  • Carry loan-to-value ("LTV") ratios of 30-85%
  • Generally structured with interest rate risk protection and coupons ranging from single digits to mid-teens

Post-transaction, we interact closely with our borrowers to monitor progress, assist in evaluating current and future conditions, and keep tabs on the value of the collateral securing our capital.

To submit a potential transaction, please fill out the ABL Request for Funding Form.