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Real Estate Lending

Old Hill engages in direct real estate lending and investing in commercial, multi-family, residential development properties and other special situations. Old Hill offers flexible lending solutions for real estate and seeks non-traditional, opportunistic investments and other structured investments within a wide range of property types and locations. Old Hill provides all forms of real estate investment capital across the capital spectrum on all major real estate asset types.

While the exact characteristics of our loans vary, they generally range from $1-25 million, have coupons ranging from high single digits to mid-teens, a relatively short maturity of up to 4 years, and leverage of up to 90% of collateral value.

Some examples of financial structures we offer are:

  • Senior and Mezzanine Debt
  • Bridge Loans
  • Participation Loans
  • B-Notes
  • Rate and Unrated CMBS
  • Select Equity Investments
  • DIP Loans

To submit a potential transaction, please fill out the RE Request for Funding Form.